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Metal foundations have many advantages. These include:

  • Ideal for poor and undesirable soil conditions: loose, caving, wetlands, high water table areas, contaminated

  • No spoils to haul away

  • Structure can be mounted immediately

  • PE Stamped designs

  • Delivered to the job site fully assembled and ready to install

  • Uniquely designed for easy integration to the supported structure

  • Minimal disturbance to the surrounding area

  • No concrete, no cure time

  • Eliminates weather delays

  • Reduces construction schedule

  • Perfect for remote locations where concrete is not practical

  • Hot dipped galvanized protective coating (additional coatings are available)

  • Can be used for temporary structures and can be easily removed and reused if necessary

  • No geographic limitations. We work throughout North America

  • Approved for use by various state and federal agencies (For details please contact Lynn Hickey at 724-306-1606 or

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